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The Will To Create

Tampa-based electronic quartet harnessing the power of electronica to transport audiences to a pocket universe of bliss with original compositions and novel arrangements of curated classics. From driving pop anthems, to uplifting hypnotic ballads. Moonbae brings the vibe.

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The Band


Alexa Toro

Vocals & Lyrics

A Tampa Bay original, formerly of Flow Sisters, Alexa Toro channels the quantum state of ultimate vibe  to move bodies and souls with her sultry melodies.


Michael Schlein


Michael manifests hypnotics and harmonies in layered analog patches of groove and soul.

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Candice Bailey


Harnessing the power of analog synthesis, rhythm and  magic, Candice brings the bass and beats that drive the vibe.


Nathan Kozyra

Electronic Drums/Analog and Digital Synthesis

Creating and mixing rhythmic mayhem and otherworldly melodies, Nathan brings the ones and zeroes before he drops the beat.

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Moonbae: A New Hope

Origin Stories

Moonbae coalesced in early 2020 around a shared vision to create complex analog and digital soundscapes in real time.

By taking what is normally a studio exercise and transforming it to a performative experience  - with improvisation and electric energy - Moonbae invites their audience to join them on a unique journey they can feed with their own energy.

Moonbae's original music and arrangements of curated covers are danceable, cinematic and combine complex rhythmic and harmonic ideas with straightforward hooks and inspiring lyrics.

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